We had a nice Easter..a suprise visit from the bunny!  My daughter asked if she can help hiding them the night before!  ack!  I said to her..what makes you think of that???  She just said.."moooooommmmmm!" I told her if that if she spoiled the "surprise"..she will not be getting any.  Then she said "ha ha I knew it! "..dang it girl!!!!!!
CA didn't care much for the hunting part..more of helping Cory to find some.
Naturally Cory asked where the bunny?  LOL..He is gone to hide more eggs at someone's else house.  He then ran out to the front door and wanted to see..
Cory has a few chocolate eggs and we told him that is enough.  We will have some breakfast, get ready for church etc.  Cory wanted some more..so we had to take it away..he got bit upset.  He tells us that he wants to carry the basket around.  I told him that is fine but don't eat anymore candies ok?  He said ok.
Five minutes later, sneaky little bugger..he sneaked a piece into his mouth!  CA caught him..but we didn't see anything.   Sean decided to leave the baskets on our coffee table so kids can just "look" but not to touch.  Few minutes later, Cory took another one!!! I caught him!  So much for trusting him! LOL.  I had to put it up on kitchen counter..naturally he starts getting upset.   "MINE, don't touch"..using his voice! 

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