Little astonished..

I'm feeling little disencouraged today..Cory was really really phyiscal with me today..threw lots of punches.  I'm like what the heck ???? where did that comes from?  We are very strict with no hittings in this house.  It happened when I asked him to do a certain thing..he would just attacked me.  Of course, I gave him time out.   He would say "sorry..ok?" hugs and its all forgiven.  (seems to be too much of occurrances lately though) Hit, sorry, ok?  hit, sorry, ok?  see the patterns? 
We went to Strong Start preschool, they have it everywhere in Surrey if you look up..close to your neighbour. www.sd36.bc.ca/general/programs/strongstart.html
 It's sponsored by the Ministry of Education.   Since there is no regular preschool sessions at Cory's center..(break) so we took an advantage of going there.  It wasn't too bad.  (Parent) You have stay there.  They will provide story time, snack time, circle time etc..same as typical preschool.   Anyway, it's Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 11:45..always ask for the schedule it varies.  Gym time, library time.  It's nice. we have been there few times.
 Anyway, today it went well until I gave Cory a warning that after he finished his snack, we will be leaving.  I had to do bit of grocery shopping and wanted Cory to play outside before lunch. Even told him that..  He SCREAMED at me..literally "NOOOOOOO!"  it was horrible. I never see that..wow.  I then said ok that it..TIME OUT..and he just got very furious and start attacking me..throwing punches and screaming.    It was pretty embarrassing..everyone was looking at us..and even teacher came over to see what's wrong.  I quickly explained and I was little shocked..so I decided to forgo snack and just go.  Because while time out, he was screaming and screaming..and if I was near him..he started attacking me.  I tried to put his jacket on..it just made it worse.  So I literally grabbed all my stuff and picked him up..and left.      He was so furious and I really had to held on him so he doesn't attack me again or take off.  It really really took all my strong will not to lose it..I almost cried ..I almost wanted to snap but knowing it's not gonna help.  Thank god for being DEAF..I can easily turn off my hearing aids not listening to his howlings and crying on the way home.
I just left him in the truck for a minute..to catch my breath.   Then I was ready to take him into the house.  As soon as I open the door, he said "sorry..ok?" 
I wanted to say NO THAT IS NOT OK!!!!  I know you all parents have a duty to forgive and accept apolozies when our kids do that.   I just had to wonder..is this kind of thing Cory thinks that whatever his behaviours he does..it will make it go away by saying "sorry..ok?"  does he really understand the consquences??  
Back to my story..I just said NOTHING..I took him out of car seat.  He say " can I play bike outside?" I didn't say anything. I just closed the garage door.  I just glared at him.  Went into the house..and do my own thing..ignored him.  Did nothing with him for good 30 minutes..he knows I'm mad.   he didn't go bug me or ask for anything.  He just went to play by himself..I can see from corner of my eye, he is constantly checking on me to see if I would say something.  
Silence is GOLDEN...kids know.  Rather react to him and his behaviours..take away consquences, no special privlages..just ignore him (mentally think yourself in Spa or a happy place), have a mocha, don't talk at all. 
I finally had a talk with him..when we both calm down.  I told him that I was VERY disappointed with his behaviour..specificially hitting, screaming etc.  It was NOT acceptable..and we had to leave because of that.  If that happened again, we will leave right away.  He said ok..with such a sad look..(so cute!!!) and said "I'm sorry" and gave me a hug.  
Honestly...does he gets it?   Will this happen again?  who knows..I just feel like the story doesn't end here....

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