Can't wait for the rechargable batteries! and extra Remote Assistance..can't return it!!!!!

I was told that with rechargable battery..his CI would be bit smaller!  neato!!   I didn't like how big it is on him..but can't complain compares to Freedom one.   We are supposed to get one..but it's apparently on back orders..and it might be a while. 
We got duplicate of everything..including the remote assistance..that unit alone cost $500.00 bucks! oy.  I called today to see if we can take it back because honestly we don't need two! and it would be nice to have that extra credit on line so we'll use it for more supplies if we need.  They wouldn't do it!  I'm like that money was paid by us and we do have the right to decline the remote assistance. (we will be getting one anyway on April 22 when Cory goes for second activation!)   I am not sure..I agreed with this so called policy. I haven't even open it yet!  Still in package etc...anyone????

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