do deaf kids literally scream louder than others???

Seriously, this is an issue at our house now.  Cory is really loud these days..any words he say..he is almost screaming.  Hard to tell for me if he is "screaming" behaviour wise..or saying words LOUDLY..there is a big difference that Sean and CA can tell ..but seriously.  For me..it's hard.  I m trying to nip it ..but at the same time..you are suppose to encourage kids who are learning to talk and let them be verbal. It's all part of the process.    ack.  I wonder if I was like that too when I was learning to talk?  I have no idea..but that big question I'm going to ask my parents soon..   When Sean and CA say that he isn't "really" screaming..but I said ok fine..is that normal to say that "loudly"..do we all say that "loudly"???  they both said no..  Point taken.   I really have to ask around about that..I really hope it's only a temporary thing.  I also wonder if his CI is not loud enough so he has to be loud to "hear" himself????   so many questions.
Today is louder than usual for some reasons.  Every words he says, it's almost like screaming. I tried to look at his face expressions to see if it was a rude remark or natural.  Hard to tell..today, he was JUST plain old grumpy kid.
After bath, I took him out. And we were drying off. And he said loudly, "NO..do myself!"  I'm sitting there, thinking..is he being rude?  I tell him.."Cory..you don't have to say that loud..just say nicely."  this is what I'm telling him all week.  but still does..
But when he screams...OY..he really screamed!!  wow.....that is another thing.   I try to label his feelings so he can see the proper way of expressing himself rather than screaming.  I'm not sure about giving him time outs for each time he screams.  That would be like every 10 minutes.   Help Super Nanny!!!!!! Come over here.  LOL 

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