"He has a nice voice.."

This is what I'm hearing from some people lately...if Cory used a spoken word or being verbal.   My former speech teacher came last week from USA to visit. She hasn't met Cory and was dying to visit.   She was my intergrated teacher for about 6/8 years and our family is very close with her.  We often had her over at our house several times, and I remember having a sleepover at her beach house in USA.  She told me that Cory has a very nice voice..I'm like how can you tell?  She said yup..she can tell.  She worked with many many students over the years, all with hearing loss.   So I guess speaking from the experience.   Right now, I'm working on asking different questions and how to get him to response by answering to my specific directions.  "Feed the baby"..he knows the word "baby" but feeding is a different story.   "put the cookie on the table",  "the baby is cold, put a blanket on her" etc.   Another thing is I will be trying this new activity "picture of the day."  My favorite thing to do ..usually I do that at preschool when Im leading a circle time.  It is sort of my "show and tell" activity.  I would bring an odd or funny, or interesting picture of something.  And I would asked the kids to tell me about it.  It brings all sort of different ideas of language aspects.  Object, what happened? describe the pictures, cold/hot, color, big/small, emotions, and kids just love it.    I can see that Cory would enjoy it..  that idea came up today during speech session.  Therapist would be showing Cory some photos from previous field trip at preschool.    We could add those pictures to the homebook or a separate booklet.

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