Prevex B..presciption that works!

HI..I have this terrible condition in my ears ..it started few years ago.  I don't know why.  Its almost like an allergy reaction that came up and never goes away.   My ear molds reacted to it..I have tried several types..but end up with the type that works for me.  Because of my type of aids and no whistlings...I have wore same time for many years before that and never had problem.  My audiologist is not sure why..my doctor doesn't see anything..(each time I go ..it healed then or nothing.  ) Then it'd come back again and again.
ANYWAY...I have tried several creams, first aid cream, even skin cream thinking its just dry condition.
I should explain what it feels like..its feel like itching, painful ..become red inside but nothing.  Sometimes, I find dry flakes surrounding it and on my molds too.  Its just plain weird.   I have tried not wearing it for days and let it heal naturally.  Then go back..and forth . 
My mom is a pharmacist, she can't figure out what I have so she gave me an sample to try.  It works!!!!! Finally all those years of trying several things...this cream "Prevex B" Topical Corticosteroid cream seems to help and soothes the pain of red scalp.  
I would applied it twice a day not wear aid unless needed to. 
I just thought that would be something you need to know if..you have the same problem or your child. 

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