I am trying to encourage all extended families to be involved with Cory as much as possible. We need every family members to be involved with Cory's life as much as possible.  Its is probably much common occurance that these children don't have that opportunity being with their aunt, uncle, cousins etc. because of the communication part.  I can understand that......however, who said you have to know sign language beforehand just so you can be involved with him?  It is not necessary..there are different ways of getting involved by lots of love, gestures, simple words, by going places, by spending time with him/her.   The more you get involved, the easier it will get..I promise you.  I would know! Speaking from experiences!!!!!  My memories with all my extended families are great..each of them were different by their own ways, and I may not understand them at the time, but I do remember their love, bonding and spending times with me.  That is one thing that I would never forget.  
My Baba, we would spent time with by going to her place for sleepover, the routines are pretty much the same..each time.  We would watch tv, play games, make cookies, go to Dairy Queen for ice cream (yes every time!), have perogies for dinner and of course, there is her "popcorn" twist snack.   I love going over there each time, I don't honestly remember much of conversations we would have..but words are just simple and same each time.  I remember lots of love..and compassions.   My other grandma, we always make her famous brown sugar cake and tea parties.   My grandpa, we always play checkers, card games and going to White Rock pier walks.   
My parents are enjoying Cory as much as they can...even though we are so busy with stuff, running in and out of house these days for CA's activities.  They offer to babysit several times..lol.  Its hard because at time its wayyyy over there and out of the way for us.   Cory was thrilled to see them today at CA"s soccer game..it was great to see that.  I really have to just drop him off and let them spent time with him.   I am NOT worried at all about lack of communication..he will just do fine.  (No, they don't really know sign language by the way)

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