My spouse...how to get him COMMITTED!

Marriage..I look up the definition in the Dictionary: "the social instituation under which a man and woman live as husband and wife by legal or religious commitments."  this one I like "a blending of different elements or components".   Ok..that is what I figured out long ago..and this is probably why we are so good together, I'm the probably more understandable when it comes to "men".  Yes, I read "Men from Mars and Women from Venus" (trust me it helps.)  It is hard to get your spouse to commit certain tasks that we asked them to because it's part of their responsiblity as well. I find that I can't, I mean I CAN'T help or teach my husband sign language because my style of "teaching" doesn't match his style of "learning".  No matter how often I tell him, he still gets it wrong or stuck on the same thing.  sighhhh    Yup..I do get annoyed because it is tad bit embarrassing to sign something incorrect after I tell him so many times the correct one.   I told him that I really want him to go take a signing class, work on it and of course, he is too busy.  I haven't yet asked if a sign instructor should come to our house and start teaching him.  Anyway, the most important thing is trying to get him involved as much language aspect, speech with Cory...that's where I had to put my foot down.  Im sure that is most common occurrance with spouses that have deaf child.   I have been nagging him to help me with it as part of daily routine.  Especially that he is better person for it than ME!!!  
So one of thing I had to think of what works for my husband, to get him involved as much as he can, so "instead of nagging" him.  I find that he does best by reading beforehand and getting examples and ideas, and he will do it.  (sort of like a light bulb goes off his head?)   We did got lots of informations, written notes and ideas from our speech therapist.  But for some reasons, Sean doesn't follow through or read it..and I have to explain this and that etc.  This method seems not really agree with his style of "learning"..so I came upon to try out John Tracy Clinic approach (suggested by a different therapist) and checked out how the process works.  I find that might be the best learning approach for Sean to follow through and help with Cory.  It is so simple, step 1, 2, 3 etc, one thing at a time, not too much to do, good examples and ideas.  So I signed up for it, we are already on Lesson 3.  It is working!!!!!!!   It was the best thing for us as a family together to commit this for Cory.   The funniest thing is... my parents used John Tracy Clinic too in the 70's for me!!!   My mom still have her old notes and their lesson booklets.   And now we are doing this for Cory.    Sean really likes it and it seems to be working out for him to go along this process.  Sean likes how he can read the lessons, one at a time.   That is what this is all about..there are several ways of trying and figuring out what works for you and your spouse to commit the needs of your child.  Families these days, are so different than it used to be in years ago.  We are busier and in a faster pace of this world.  So always try something that works for you and your family.  Don't be afraid to explore different things even things that your therapist isn't providing.  
With the lessons, you can opt for the booklets in mail or do them online.   We opt for both, Sean likes to have the concrete booklet in his hand so he can read at his pace (he is NOT computer savvy person) and we would go through the questions/comments together then I would do those online.  After that was done, they will sent me another lesson.  It's so simple and easy...not too much work at all. 

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