I think my Husband, Sean has bit of hearing loss..

I had to laugh..I was going to post this other day..but time running out.  Priorities!!!!  When we were in BC Children's Hospital for Cory's CI assessment, among other things too..
This time Sean was in the sound booth with Cory.  And I'm sitting there watching them..
I mentioned before that Cory hears certain sounds that I couldn't?
They were testing him very soft sounds, and he got them each time.  Sean was sitting there going ??????  Did a double take.  He looks at me with his shoulders like what???  (I lipread him saying..I'm not hearing anything!!!!)  He was quite astonished.   bwahahahaha ha ha!  (singing song..) somebody needs a hearing aid????
He was like no way..my hearing is perfect, thank you very much!!! 
I wonder...

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