6 months difference..using SIGN Language and Spoken Language.

Today I walked out with confidence and Cory did very well with assessment (Post CI - one year assessment).  Beth said that remember that Cory really did started language, using CI in August at the time of his placement with us.   Nothing before....his score at the time was very very low 4/40..and now six months later..BOOM!  He got 32 out of 40.  She never see this process so fast in 6 months! She is very pleased with it.  She even said that what we are doing is GREAT, keep it up.  Using both sign language and oral for his overall communication.  It's a huge improvement.   yes!
And she admitted now that he is being a "boy", naturally he didn't really want to do listening games nor follow the listening directions.   She said she is very happy to see that.  LOL I had to laugh because he was too cooperate and was too "good" before.  She admitted she was tad bit worried about that because it wasn't normal.   So we just have to be more patience and respect his spaces and feelings.   Make it work to his level now.  That is fine with me..I am finding myself more patience with him these days. 

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