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I know it has been awhile since.  Christmas has been wonderful and busy!  We have been in and out all last two and half weeks!  AND then after that we had few more friends and families gathering in the New Year. Cory seems to enjoy getting to know people and even said their names too!  We encouraged everyone to introduce themselves because from a deaf child it's confusing to say and point their name.  So I found that it's easier to say "Hi Cory, I'm ___" He tried so hard to repeat their names if its more complicated.   He can say my nieces' names now.  That was a shocker..we were having dinner and the kids of course, were finished first.  They excused themselves.  Cory was sitting at the table and he called out "Sarah!" ..suddenly everyone stopped eating and I did noticed the suddenly change and they told me.  I was like..wow..that's good.   He is saying more words these days..or at least he is trying.   I figured it out..he is slow eater because he is REALLY listening.  I guess it's hard to eat and listen at the same time.  The sounds of crunchy foods, swallowing etc. He is responding to the sounds of strange things..even I didn't know it makes sounds so obvious.  Like shaking the salad dressings, stiring of coffee cup, me eating chips...even peeing.   He tells me! LOL.   It made me more awareness with sounds too. 
I had bunch of deaf and hard of hearing ladies over my house during the holidays.  Sean took the kids out for awhile but they came back later so they could see my family .  Everyone were curious to meet Cory.  Cory was so adorable!..he went to each of the lady and point.  They would tell him their name (sign name and voice it if they can)  Cory imiated it with right alphabet letter.  Then he went around to each of us!  I was impressed...he is trying to know all their names.   I think the best part is that he went around to give them a hug before bedtime.  hee hee.   Sweet little boy.  I am so lucky and blessed to have him..it was a wonderful Christmas (first time together as a family!) 
We also went to another party, its all deaf New Year Eve..except few children who were CODA (Children of Deaf Adults)..I haven't been to those for long time.  The adults were sitting at the table having dinner and chatting.  The children didn't really want to eat, were running around and playing.  Cory sat with us, all growups and he was taking in all their sign language.  HE LOVES it..I can see he is over the moon with their beautiful language, the way they use facial expresssions, and body languages.  I wouldn't ever take that way from him.  No way siree!   He did the same thing, pointing to each adult..for their names.  And I know they were careful not to talk about certain things..so I told him to go play with the kids.  He didn't want to.  LOL.   It was hard for me to go deaf party because I was bracing myself for the Deaf Community and their strong opinions about Cochlear Implants.   But I'm so glad I did it..it was a big step for me and I need to help for them to understand and explain our stands/reasons for Cory.  I just had to be confident and don't let anyone tell us anything what we decided to do.  Surprisedly, they seem to be respectful enough and supported us with our decision.  I think the easiest part that Cory already has the CI prior to adoption.   But the hardest part is that he is getting a second one.  

He started preschool full time this week, oy..I was pretty exhausted and tiring just having to go there, try to help..observe, and even doing nothing.  I was pretty restless!  AND I know Cory was exhausted too, the minute we get home, he go straight to nap.  Within minutes, he is out cold.  I also, noticed his big difference at bedtime now, therefore, I only allowed to let him nap for a hour and half.  He does have a hard time waking up and doesn't want to.  I just had to take him off the bed and make him go to potty.  He then would wake up pretty quick.   Then bedtime, he just go to sleep easily now.   yay!!!   We also noticed his language and spoken words, has increased during the week.  What a difference it makes by having him in a preschool on a regular basis, sometimes we may not realized that because sometime it seems like they are just playing or not doing much as you would think at first.  But THEY ARE!!!  He learned few words, like curious, idea, song "clean up clean up" in tunes.  Gingerbread story,  Hot, Cold, concepts..all that in three days.  Cory's mind is like a big sponge and he just aborbed it all.  If all goes well, I may try going to local preschool on other days near our home to allow more auditory listening envirnoment IF its appropriate.  That is the hardest part..I have been to about 6 different ones before Christmas, and unfortunately it wasn't the best placement for him.  Several reasons:  too much space/poor listening environment, one was in a gym..ugh! lots of noise bouncing off the walls, it was too much for me even!!  One placement was strange..it seems not enough structure in sense that its all drop ins only...so it comes varieties.  Too many kids in one place, (too noisy) and the best one..one place, (Its a really nice lady) but she has a very strong accent, I couldn't really understand her and it's NOT ideal for Cory.   I didn't realized how frustrating it was to have to go places and try to find a best place/program for deaf/hh children. UGH.. it was not easy.   I had enough of "shopping" for now..so I am hoping to try again in few weeks once Cory (and I) settled down at preschool.   I'll keep my eyes open if I see anything good and let you know.  Its so important to have a program like BCF who knows the best for our deaf./hh children.  

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