SPORTS vs Cochlear Implant????

I learned something serious lately..it has been weighted heavily on my mind these days.  Something that it bothers me greatly.   Kids with CI can't do "contact" sports...I can't IMAGINE not having that for Cory. Or any other kids!!!!!  Sports is the greatest thing in my life!!!  Its something I can't do without.  It's good for social skills, self esteem, sportmanship, leadership skills, coordinations etc.   It made me who I am today.  I was involved in almost EVERYTHING (except Basketball).  If you saw my high school jacket..LOL. 
I did admitted that I heard about that before..but I easily dismissed that thought about not doing sports just because you have CI..ppptttt!   I can understand if you are careful and don't go too crazy in sense not going overboard sort of thing..and can't go swimming with it (can't get wet).  The only thing I get it was..no scuba diving.  OH well..its a little minor thing. 
Cory is going for his appointment soon about following up on second CI..and I did some reading beforehand.  I want to be 100 percent sure about it and find out the pros and cons.  And the biggest con was "contact" sports.  Im kinda of not supporting with this.   I strongly encourage families over the years to get their children in involved with team sports, or any sporting events.  It was a huge thing in my life, I would like to hear other parents feedback about this.  Do any of their CI children get involved with sports???  I would like to know.   We are such a hardcore in sports in our family.   My daughter does swimming, soccer, fastball, kickboxing, skiing, ice skating etc.   We want Cory to do the same.   And we have the best park across our street, Cory loves to watch BC Lion or football games/practice there at CAP.  
How could we not allow Cory to play or get involved sports if he wants???  

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  1. I have seen pictures in the cochlear groups on facebook of childern playing soccer! I have never been told myself that Jasmine shouldn't play contact sports! If you could see how she bashes her own head on stuff I don't think a contact sport could do any worse, lol.