NIGHT LIGHT...for all kids who have hearing loss.

I recently read a blog from a mom who realized that her kid need bit of "nightlight" at bedtime.  I feel badly for all parents not knowing this.  ITS a MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All kids with hearing loss DO need a night light in their room for bedtime.  Its a sense of security especially you can't hear your surroundings while you're in bed.  I grew up with bit of light in hallway with my door tad bit open, then later I guess when I got older, I wanted more privacy.  Then I had night light.  AND I still do!!!!!!! LOL.  I have to have it.  I feel safer..I know it sound silly but it's something I have to have so I can wake up and use my vision to know what's around me if in case of danger or something amiss.  One thing though, I don't like it blaring right in my face, it has to be behind (almost) a dresser or across the room.  Just a little bit of light.  Mine is a Crystal rock light, very low dim and I put it on the corner on the floor beside my night stand.  (So its not directly in my face) Sean, my husband would tease me about having a nightlight..but I think he understands.  A story to tell, one night..there was a power outrage and of course no lights...Sean came home in middle of night later than I expected and he was standing by the bed.  (and I didn't know that CA, my daughter came in the middle of night and slept beside me, here I am thinking it's Sean)  AND I sense something. it woke me and all I saw was a big figure.   Suddenly I start screaming on top of my lungs, and I know that the neighbours probably heard it.   I was thinking its a burgler because the power is out..and alarm is not activiated.  You know the rest, it was a night that we never forget.  AND CA never went to our bed ever again..needless it was pretty scary moment.   And I shouldn't forget to mention another thing, I have a strong sense of "smell"..so if I smell something, I wake up fast.  Often I get mad at Sean for making coffee too early in the morning because then I can't go back to sleep once I "smell" it! LOL  Poor Sean, try to have breakfast and coffee in wee morning without waking me.   Talk about sensitive!  Due to my hearing loss, my other senses heightened.
I think Cory is the same thing too..some nights I would go to his room to check on him, he can sense my presence (maybe my smell)..and yup Im the same way.   I try to be careful not to get too close.

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