Going back to work next year??? or stay home mom?

I thought about going back to work next year..it's because I'm so restless..I miss teaching and being busy.  Don't get me wrong..I am busy at home..but its a different kind of "busy" and I'm not really enjoying it.  Does that means I'm a bad mom?   I blamed the chemical balance in my brain. IMAO!!   I wonder if I could do this..with Cory in daycare and hopefully in preschool  part time?   Go back to my old job?  OR do I find a different job?  I have some potential ones that has been asking me to come to work for them..    Or put Cory in different preschool  now..so he get used to it and work for Burnaby program for a year or so.  I have a feeling that they don't want me and Cory at same center where he goes to preschool and I work there.   Normally, I would support it if it's a hearing child like my daughter..I totally get it.  It wouldn't be right.  Buttttt, the problem is where do Cory go? and it has to be appropriate center for his hearing loss with proper trainings etc.   We talk about me not going back to work, I could do daycare at my home.  I used to do that before, but this time it would be only part time and after schools.   I will never go back to full time/ long hours daycare again.   Or not.....
It is tough..I'm not sure at this time.  But I do have to start looking for daycare now in order to get him enrollment for this Fall coming.  You think it's too early..trust me it's NOT..I learn the hard way with my daughter before.  So I feel better when the time comes..and I can always withdraw..if I change my mind.    I wish I have some magic vision that would tell me what I should do..so I can follow it along as it set its course.    Today we tried a preschool, and it was ok.  Not far from my home, the problem was that the teacher has to be "trained" about hearing loss and such.   She seems not really motivated..or was it too annoying for her?   I don't know.  But I was there to help and guide along the way...the only problem is that it's only a center that for parents to stay on and they don't have "daycare" hours.  I dont want him to move to one place to another.  So that's why I'm looking for something NOW..and for this Fall.  Good time for him to get used to the teachers and train them too etc.  So I will feel better leaving him there when I go (if I go)     Tomorrow we are going to try another center which it's further away but it has preschool and daycare together.  So I m curious about it so it seems something that might work for Cory..he'll have the preschool "setting" plus after hours daycare.  So he'll have that structure he needs and then go to daycare until I pick him up after work. It's not far from work.   ummmm.   I wonder if there's any other childcare.  Sean thought about getting a "nanny" style ..take Cory to preschool..then pick him up when it's finished (or stay there as one to one support if have to) and bring him back home for nap until I get home?   She, this "nanny" won't live with us or anything.  It will be only from Monday to Thursday.  830 to 200.   Would it be expensive?  is it worthwhile for my income to pay for her?  lots of things to think about.   It is tough to decide.   I think my decision would be a LOT easier if its a hearing child.   

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  1. Well now adays kindergarten is full days, so you'd only be at home for another two years then Cory would be in full time school! I can't imagine leaving Jasmine at this point without her being able to fully communicate what her day was like, I just hear too many horror stories of abused children in daycares, not saying all are like that of coarse, but it happens! I had my oldest in daycare full time but just different circumstances! Believe me some days I'd LOVE to be at work, haha!