Mommy had to learn to "listen"...

The title is catchy huh?   Ever since with our son's CI experience, I had to learn to listen for certain things he is asking..and has been noticing "new" (not so new..really) sounds that I never noticed before surrounding our home, environment and socially places.   It's a real eye opener, to say at the least.  I don't know it's just something that I was used to not having those sounds around me or was it because no one tells me.  I know one thing that ever since I had my digital hearing aids, I do have noticed more sounds and things that I never knew before.   Its not exactly perfect as it is with CI..I know that Cory hears more than I do.  That is a fact.  Today, he heard the phone rang..I didn't.  Just one of the examples..

We went to IGA..and we were near a frozen section freezer.  He stopped and put his finger to his ear. (it means what is that sounds?) with a cute face expression, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.   At first, I wasn't sure what he heard, immediate sound or on going type?  We both were standing there going ..ummm.  A clerk came by and asked if anything is ok?  IMAO!!!  We must have looked pretty funny, doing it.   Anyway, I told Cory.."nothing..I don't hear anything"...thinking maybe he hear the announcement like they do at food store from time to time.  I don't remember hearing it.   He insisted it though..kept on pointing to his ear and he did bit of sleuthing of his own..walking around.  A man walked by and I had to ask him.   Would it be weird to ask you something?  I explained that my son is deaf and he is learning to hear with his CI..and he is really fascinated with this "so called" sound he is "hearing"..and I am wondering if you could tell me what do you hear?  anything?   The man looked at me blankly..I had to giggled.  "I'm deaf too" but I'm not hearing anything.   I swear that this old man is probably really confused or think we are playing poor joke on him or something..by the look on his face.  He ran away quickly..    I was kinda of feeling like..yikes I will not ask any strangers that again.   Pretty embarrasssing.
Needless, Cory figured it out after walking down the aisle, he put his hands against the glass door and felt it humming.  Then he pointed to his ear..and was like a light bulb going off his head.  that what it was!!!  I couldn't really hear it unless I got closer enough to hear it.   the humming of the freezer...it is quite loud.  I couldn't really noticed that before.  Yes I knew it does that, what every child does, touch it right?   But I just to think harder about sounds around us that we just taken granted for.   We tend to tune it out..it's important for Cory to learn it but also to tune it out when it's not important. 
Like at preschool, during circle time or discussion time, I find that if something is distracting him beside him, or someone talking behind him or making noises.  Cory will have a hard time focusing on the teachers because he hasn't learn to "tune out" those unimportant sounds and tune in directly with teacher's.   And because he is very observant, it is also hard for him...so he does noticed things that others wouldn't.  
I would have to sit behind him and tell him to "watch" teacher over and over again.  like teaching him to ignore the "distractions" surrounding him.  Its all part of learning with when to listen and not to listen.

Another thing, when we were in IGA..I was kinda of in a rush. Cory got kid's shopping cart.  We just wanted to grab few things and headed for home in time for bit of outside play before his nap.   He tried to say something..I couldn't catch it.  It was spoken..I look right at hime and said "what?"  He said a word again?  im thinking umm what is he want?  I told him to sign to me..but he didn't.  So I couldn't figured it out.  But we had to go..come on.  
When we got home..we put the groceries away..I found two cans of soup that I didn't "buy" ..I have no idea where that came from?!!!!   I was thinking..was it someone's else bag? I checked my bill..apparently I did pay for those soups.   huh?   Cory picked it up and said that word!!!!!!! "soup?"  it sounds like "op"  LOL..he must have put in the cart and tried to ask me!!!  I learned two things today..pay real attention to what he said AND pay real attention to what he do or will do!   Oh well, I know what we are having for lunch today! "op"!

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