Monkey See, Monkey Do..

This is a perfect example of my son's way of his world.  He is a follower!  We have to be careful with what we do or say.  He will pick up on that.  OH YEAH! 
We have an older daughter who is 9 yrs. old, going on 13?? There are bit of phase we are going with her these days..I say it's hormones.  Her dad thinks it's attitudes.   She has been yelling at us "No!" when she is frustrated or doesn't want to do when being told etc.  sighhh.  We have to change our tactics with her now..before we would not let her "speak her piece" because it ended up series of "what if"..and "buts", and it ended up arguing with us.  Then now, she would say "No" loud and clear..it's almost like she was 2 yrs. old again.  I had to laugh, I did told her that it reminds me of her when she was 2 years old.  But she doesn't think its funny..
Anyway, I am very happy to say..Cory now, are saying the word "NO"..loud and clear but it wasn't a nice "No".  Its more like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" with vicious.  He has start doing that last week, which I just ignored it because its just not something I want to pick a battle with. So I have tried to modelling it over it , try to show him how to say it nicely.  I am also trying to respect his "no", if he doesn't want to etc.  Respect that.  He has the rights to express his feelings. ok.  However, I have to draw the line now.  Two days ago, he has been doing more and more lately that it become too much and it was really loud. He would scream into my ears and everyone else too.    It wasn't pleasant anymore.   Obviously, my modellings wasn't working at this time.  Last night, I told him it's time for bath.."NOOOOOOOOOO!", unfortunately, he needs it.  After bath, I say "time for Pajamas on" "NOOOOOOOO" on top of his lungs right into my ear.   OK ..that is it!  I can't ignore that anymore.   I gave him a TIMEOUT for that.   He got really furious and kept on screaming.  wow.     Took him at least 10 minutes to calm down, I basically said to him "Cory, you really need to stop screaming like that (showing him how he does it), its not acceptable anymore. IT hurts my ears, and this needs to stop".   If you do that again, I will give you TO.  Then of course, (LOL) he screamed "NOOOOO" again in my face.   Time out again.      Maybe this tells me, that its probably something we should have followed up on that right away when this first started...and correcting it will be more difficult now.   The last two days was all about time outs (lots!) with each time he screamed "Noooo"..I am happy to say that it's getting better now.  Before we were leaving for preschool, I asked him to go put his toys away as we have to go.  He did screamed again.  Time out.   We were bit late for school, just.   I told him before we went in..the classroom that if he screamed like that again today in classroom, Mommy will give you Time Out.   I am so happy its so much better now..he now just tell me (sign) I'm sad, or mad.  The best way is to acknowledge that!   I talked to CA, my daughter, last night , we had one to one time as we were at her baseball practice and went for ice cream after.   I told her that we have noticing Cory screaming and he is just copying her.  She feels badly about it and yes she realized that.   She really didn't like it..and I told her that I didn't like it either.   Hit the nail right on..   I did told her that I would have to give her Time out too if this occurs.   She thought that was funny..but is willing to do that to be fair.  ( can't imagine giving a 9 yrs. old one!)   should be interesting...

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