Introducing a New Cochlear Implant..Nucleus 5

See?  I always say if there's something better..I rather wait.  AND for me, I m glad I did wait.   One of my friend, she has the old CI which its a huge box which she has to wear a wire all the way down to her back to her waist.  The processor is at her hip.   man..that bring back memories of my old body aid which I used to have.  I really never like it because it was so bothersome but yet I like to keep it on and hear the sounds.   Sometimes, I don't understand how and why some people who have a profound hearing loss like mine can't get that.   I do wonder if they really are NOT hearing anything or pretending to be?   I find it hard to believe at times, because I'm the living proof. 
Anyway, there is a new CI out..its supposedly to be better , a lot lighter, a lot smaller, more water resistant and don't need the extra wiring for kids to keep clip on their back.   And better yet, a small bump in your skull (for the magnet), apparently not noticable. (compares to old one)
check out the website...www.cochlear.com  and go to product site.  You will find Nucleus 5.  
We are getting the update one now for Cory.  I hope up to this point, maybe that is all he needs and not bother getting a second one so soon.   And I rather wait until he tells me that he wants a second one.  But I know there are times that we as parents need to make decisions ourselves. (hoping that our kids won't hate us for this when they get older..)  But I have my speech ready..so if there is ever a time for that.   But we have to make a decision basis on their future and their well being...we all want them to be successful with their life.   Is that wrong????   At least, I know this..we try our best.  And that the best we can do!   Try telling yourself that.  I know I do my best.  period.

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  1. Hey Karen, I know we were takling about this today, but the new implant is not smaller, just thinner! Also the new CI does have the baby worn option as well, its just called "light wear" instead and is the same thing! The way that Caden is wearing his is without the baby worn just like Jasmine wears hers and Kristen wears hers! Have you tried Corey without the baby worn yet? Then they don't have to wear the extra cable!! If you use the snug fit it will stay on no problem! As for the magnet in the head, that wouldn't be changed when you get the new one, they would have to do sugery to do that! Only the children who are getting CI's put in now will get the smaller magnets!