His Hearing Aid..

I learn something new everyday...that is one of the benefit of having a deaf child.  Knowing, the process of "possible of having second CI", is that we have to try to hearing aid first beforehand.   So Cory has been wearing it for about two months.  And I had to complete the checklist to see if he responds to it or not, I already told the speech therapist that it was quite vague..it seems yes he does, but other times he doesn't.  (this is only for hearing aid and turn off the CI)   It is bit confusing I think for him too..and me.   I can't tell compares to CI's listening cues.   One thing, that I learned was that with CI, he responds to any sounds but doesn't recognized who "voice" is or can't tell the difference.  IM like what??????? are you serious?  WITH hearing aid, he can.   oy!!    That is very interesting.    I m not saying Cory does yet..but according to researchs, they apparently find this.  
I am really curious to see how this pan out.  I would like to see if he responding to his hearing aid, rather than get a second CI.   For now, I would like to wait abit longer because I'm not quite satisfied yet.  

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