fact or not? All deaf kids are S L O W E A T E R S???

Ok..I declare that today.  ITs' true!  Im sorry but yes...I have witnessed it so many times myself, Cory is such a slow eater.  Seriously, its true.   We would be eating dinner, I guess, maybe we are "piggies" but when it comes to meal time, Cory is taking in all the coversations, imiating us sometimes, talking to himself, signing in the air and trying to eat.   By the time, we finished our salad, moving on to the next course, Cory is starting his salad! We have been telling him constantly to stop signing/talking, eat! eat! eat!  I give up.   Its a losing battle, I tell ya.   ITs a very visual and good language opportunity there.  Cory is watching every words we say or sign.  I think its his favorite time of the day, is dinner time, that is when we ALL are sitting together and chatting away.   He may not be on the same wave length as us..but he will one day.   It was cute to watch but exhausting to tell him to eat eat eat!!!   Today, I was amazed to see him talking to himself at lunch as I was trying to make phone calls and he was just recalling what he did today at school.  And trying different way of driving a truck, using his imaginations etc.  It was fasicinating to watch but the clock is ticking because he needs to be on schedule, next is nap. 
Sean pointed it out..I wasn't a slow eater..well, in my case.  It was different for me.   I just eat my dinner fast and was always the first one to finish my plate so I can "excuse" myself from the table.   It wasn't because my family was boring or anything.  Its more rather that I was really tired from "listening" and speech reading all day in school and my eyes/ears weren't up to par at dinner time.   Its like a "break" for me and that habit stayed with me all those years.   I became used to being quiet at dinner time.  Sometimes, I turn off my hearing aids to give it a break.  My daughter is a chatty little mouse..oy!      My parents has been alway telling me what's up at dinner time, what they are talking about or good news or whatever, they alway make sure that I didn't miss anything.    (I was probably just bit ignorant at times..I have to admit it)  
I remember when I was older..starting high school, I would be so exhausted that I would come home and have a nap.  Taking my aids off and just pure silence for a hour then feel a lot better after a nap.   It is very tiring and straining to watch at all times, reading lips, listening hard and try to follow the class (without interpreters).   I still feel the same way now..after a long day of workshop or conference, or a gathering or party.  At least, my family understands that I need a break after.  (or I'll bite their head off! LOL)
So anyway, Cory is often left alone at the table after we all finished eating, I know that sounds bad but then when we are not there, he starts to eat and finish his meal fast.  
I try my best to allow plenty of time for him to eat and be part of conversation at HIS pace.  So we are not rushing off to next thing if we have to go out or next schedule.   Language is a wonderful place to be and to have..so why not just leave it?

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