Cochlear Implant for me???? should I or not??????

I have been amazed with the results with CI these days.   Like hand rubbings together, the lowest frequency sounds, certain things that can be identified and knowing what they are.  People has been asking me whether I thought about getting one for myself. ...believe me I have.    How could you not have that and not experiences the sounds?   I have several reasons..(maybe its just excuses but they are my excuses!)  Well, first, foremost, right now our focus is Cory and helping him through this journey, its still at primary stage.   So I rather spent all my energy and availability to be part of that. 
Another thing, is that I am lucky enough that I am able to use my hearing aids and hear pretty good.  (I know it could have been better) but from what I hear from others..hearing aids doesn't benefits them.   Although, IF my hearing has gone down and aids doesn't work anymore.  I would have done it in a heartbeat, no doubt.   For now, its ok.   I also do have my medical reasons..as well.  So my health isn't too stable and let alone, recovery time probably would be brutal for me.   (no I'm not wimping out..LOL).  I can't just ignore my family needs, and neglect my "duties" as a mom where my husband relied on me since he has to manage his involvements at company/work.   
Maybe some days...and maybe someday something else better that won't need all the necessary extensive commitments.  who knows?

About 7 years ago, I remember when I was at a workshop (about the CI for the professionals) and I ran into Dr. Kozak.   I asked him about me, whether I would be a candiate or not.  At the time, he said no because I am using my hearing aids and I am able to function well as it is.    It wasn't a exclusive interview or anything...rather just a friendly conversation and basis on his observations.   I do know that the criticias has changed since then.

I am open for those who are interested..the journey is amazing but be prepared for hard works, commitments and lot of patiences.   Some day, I will ask some of my  CI friends to share with their experiences on my blog.

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  1. I thank you for sharing all of your honest thoughts on the implant. It can't be an easy decision to make. I know how hard it was to make if for someone else...my daughter. Either way we still love you as Karen Jackson, mother of two!