why does he saying "no" to everything????

sighhh..this is a phase, I HOPE!  He is starting to say no to everything now.  "Cory, its time to go wash up" "NO!" and run away.   "Cory, its time to put your shoes on.." "NO" and whinings..
Everything we ask him, its answered "NO!"..he doesn't really say it yet "verbally"..but what he does is, shake his head and whines and then run away or get into fits.   oh fun!   Sean tells me that we should try to encourage him to say "no" verbally.  You know what?  I told him don't even think about it. I am not sure if Im willing to hear him say "no" at this point.    Seriously,  it hasn't been fun in the last week..I am not sure why so much negativity around him these days?   Maybe too much stuff?  but I do know he has been asking for school everyday now..so you know what I tell him.  "No, its not today" or what he wants basically what he asked everyday, many times a day is "can I watch tv? or can I have ice cream?"  so he is at that stage he is asking for things.  Naturally, what do we do?  "No..not today etc.."  so its Monkey see, Monkey do with mommy now.   Its nice how he is asking for school everyday.  It means he is growing up and is ready for such more structure.  He really likes doing art, activities with me.  We do have some structure activities so he is used to sitting for length of time.  It can be doing homebook, little bit of cooking, helping me in kitchen or housekeeping, crafts, puzzles and games.   Its so important..if he is willing.  Take that advantage!  Sometimes we dont know if they are old enough or not..but if he is able to focus and willing.  I say..go for it!

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