Home Book..MUST HAVE!

You know, I wasn't too crazy with Home Book idea, because it is time assuming and seems that if it doesn't benefit, then what's the point.   Wrong!  Yes, it takes time and bit of being creative (eye catching) and eventually, it does make the connection!  (Home books is an essential tool between mom/teacher and child's communication book)  You can draw daily with what's happening (like show and tell) at home, or event, or places, or simple one thing (can be a favorite toy, picture of something, craft, etc)  I started doing that because, I am noticing how much Cory loves looking through books, and I am entitled to make a life book for him (part of adoption protocol) so he have his own memory book.  What's better than doing scrapbook (Im not crazy about doing scrapbook..so I OPT for Homebook instead) LOL
At first, Cory seems not interested in it..so of course, you have to be more creative and using hand-on things.  We would find a leaf that he found, then right away,  put in his homebook.  Or a picture of something that we did, like Thanksgiving with family.  Then suddenly, you can see the lightbulb going off in his head.  He starts to make that connection.   HE loves HOMEBOOK now, that he often (groan..) remind me to do daily.   He looked at it everyday, he even show to visitors when they come over and tell his story.  Sometimes, he show it to daddy when he get home.  One thing, I suggested a back up one for his scribblings, he sometimes want to draw or color something.  I would give him another book to do it.  I'm trying to persserved the homebook so he can have it when he get older and look back.    We use a lot of language around it, like "yesterday, we played in the wind."  or today we went to preschool" etc.  Talk about the use of colors, adjectives, words, alphabets, shapes etc.  so much more!   He loves to tell story about it..his way of expressing things.  Bonus!   I am working on ABC book for him...my daughter and I will be cutting out pictures from magazines to catagories each alphabet on each page.  It would be a good literacy start for him.  He already learned A, B, C, D so far!    the only problem is finding pictures..lol.   I really need to start looking for a new printer..its really worth having one that you can print out picture at that moment or print out for Cory's book etc.  
Examples..so far.   Bandage from Doctor (after having shots), stickers from Halloween, a picture of his school, a picture of his speech therapist, spelling his name, went Trick or Treating, sequence of pumpkin carving, candy wrappings, daddy on a plane, art work from preschool, feeling happy when got a balloon,

It doesn't have to be hard..you certain don't have to be an artist to do this.

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