Funny things count...they remember that the most!

Cory has been in preschool only twice..(I didn't count that one last last ago that there were two breaks and a field trip).  Last week, they were working on letter "E"..and Cory and I already have been working on ABC..it's easy to use it as part of your life everyday.  By showing him the letter A, there or here and everywhere etc.  I mentioned that I m working on ABC book with him with pictures of things that starts with each letter.  He really likes the book.  Good idea to include hand ons , meaning a picture of apple and he just glued the picture for his book.  
He was in preschool on Tuesday..he saw his teacher using ABC during circle time.  He looked right at me and said "E" (signed).   I said yes..last week, it was "E"..and then he signed "Elephant"..and pointed to the basket up on the cabinet.  He remembered the "E" box with different objects for letter "E".   He starts to be silly with "elephant" role with nose hanging.  He remembers Judy doing that the week before.  Judy did role playing of an elephant..it has some kids giggling.  
He came home later with "F"..practicing with it signing.   I would be saying "yes today you learned "F" in school.    I guess he is having fun with hand shape of "F".    At dinner time, he was saying that over and over..so we ended up thinking of things that start with "F"..its hard to model it without pictures and objects.   Finally, Sean said ok enough..time to eat dinner.  Cory just keep on talking and signings..its funny because he is really start to open up with conversation with different things now.  But forget to eat!  At least, that is what is all about..talking and having conversation at dinner.  I often had to remind my daughter to sign all the times at the time so out of respect for Cory. (and me too..) but my daughter is very easy for me to understand so Im find with whatever she wish to use (her choice of communication as long as I understand)  NOW, we have to sign with Cory around..it's a respect.  
Later at bedtime, he bought out the ABC book..he loves that book.   and somehow he found a picture of egg.  and the funniest thing he did was.  I didn't get it at first..but after he did it again and again.  I start laughing and what a funny little man!   He was pretending to be a chicken!!! laying egg..he was grunting and laying it and the voila there is from under him!     the expressions on him was priceless!!!!!!!!  wow.. he got that from teacher Judy, last week at circle time.  I thought..something may not be something he would remember or do..but he do.  All children do!  No matter how small..or funny..or sad..everything counts!  
I will try to remember to follow up each class..so he will see it or learn more about it.  I think it's worth it.   Today at lunch, I tell Cory that its nice that CA came to your school today.    And recall things that he did in the classroom.  Repeat, repeat..  then suddenly he said "broke drum" with sad face.   (opps..he did)  then he said "sorry".   (lol)   I did tell him many times to be gentle..not too hard, will break..and it did.   so sometimes things that happened its ok..its all part of learning. I am hoping he will remember it and be gentle next time.    I tell you that I have done many things that my parents warned me about and I just chose to ignored but consquences has happened and then I did eventually learned that I should listen to them and I did.   Never doubt it..it takes time and experiences for it to happen!
Repeat..repeat..what you did today.  Experiences are the best thing to know and learn.  
Tomorrow we are going to Vancouver Aquarium..I'm dying to see how Cory would like the place.  It should be fun!!!!! 

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