No School this week (but at least I learned something..)

Cory doesn't have preschool this week..I swear this is the longest week of my life up to this point! and its only Wed..groaannn.   Of course, the up side is that we went shopping few times already..first trip was a bust but I already expected that.  Its hard to amuse a 2 yrs. toddler while you try shopping for certain items.    Monday, we went to the mall, I had to get few items that we need for him, gloves, (how you find the smallest gloves?!?!?!? grr!)  mud pants, fall/spring jacket and underwears.  (again, how the heck you find the smallest UNDERWEARS?? seriously, I'm in shock with that one.  The smallest pairs I can find are size 4 and up!!!!!)  I did bought a pair and guess what its way too big for him!   I dont get it..why you can't find size 2/3 underwears for little boys)  I guess it force you to buy pullups but he has been dry for almost a month and its a waste of money to replace them daily and throw them away.  (except for nights which I use diapers..I have about 100 diapers to use up)  I didn't expect him to be toilet trained at this stage but he does it himself.   Basically he trained himself.   Anyway, when we were in White Rock mall..of course you would see the "Santa display"..(no Santa yet) and all the Christmas decorations.  Seriously, this is just PLAIN dumb!!!!!!!!  this is a torture for all moms and kids.  Its NOT even a month YET!!! I m so mad!!  Im not a grinch but I do love Christmas, don't get me wrong.  But come on!!!  this is a good way of getting a melt down..its like putting candies in the cashier alley where you  pay for purchases.  Who came up with dumb ideas like that?   NO you can't have candy..wahhhhhhhhhh!  great.  I bet whoever came up with that..is PROBABLY IS NOT a parent!  With CA, I never EVER buy her candy at the cashier..because once you start something..then every time you go with her...don't be surprised if she ask.
Back to Santa thing..Cory was really excited with the decorations, he was in awe with colors and Christmas trees and he saw a booth/house inside, he thinks Santa is in there.  Im like no he is not.  He ran and tried to go in.  I had to stop him because can't go there. Its all closed up.  I'm standing there and thinking..great something tells me I wont be able to finish my "shopping", its almost time to go.  Oh ya..he has the biggest melt downs right there in the middle of the mall.  I just had to laugh..(inside) and getting dirty looks from old folks. (remember this is Semihamoo Mall..senior mall, that's what I call it)  sighh..tried to calm but ..I learned best way is to leave him alone until he calm down.   5 minutes later,  nope..still bawling.  Tried to put him in stroller..nope..jump right out after screaming.  ok. 10 minutes later, try again, put him back.  Screaming and hitting.  Ok. Im getting mad.   I did the most simple thing (which I literally kick myself for not doing that eariler)..Cory, get in the stroller ! If you don't get into the stroller by the time I count to 3, I'm gonna strap you in!   He stopped crying and went himself.   oy that easy?
As we start walking around..he starts asking for things...candy, no - go there? no - ice cream? no ..then he start crying.  I knew its done.  Time to go! 
He has been asking for school everyday..since Monday.  I keep telling him daily, its not this week.  so we had bit of structure times, did puzzles, went for walk, make something (cookies, pudding), did crafts, playdough, adding more pictures to his ABC book, tried the Wii (lol), visit Baba, groceries with "picture" list (he loves that one) even help me with laundry, vaccuuming, and cleaning.     I find that if you start them young with chores, they are more likely to help.   They love doing stuff!  Trust me take an advantage of that!!!

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  1. The smaller underwear, size 2 you can find in the baby section where the baby socks are in walmart! Also sears has them in their baby section as well!