me?? Speech therapist..NOT!

I learned few things while speech sessions with Cory.  I tell you..he has more potential than me!   Some of the sounds, I have to admitted, I can't hear it and let alone whether if Cory can do it or not.  Dont ask me to do the checklist...that is the downside of it.   I have to make sure the house is COMPLETELY quiet so I can hear if Cory does it right or not with speech sounds.  IMPOSSIBLE!   T, speech therapist would ask me to do it etc..its part of parent's trainings.   I had to "gag" sometimes because Im not the best person to work with those stuff!  She would have to teach me some..like neigh for horse.  I never really know how that sounds like...  or cackle like a witch..pttttt! 
Today we did bit of assessment..what sounds can he hears and how far?  he can hear shhh at 10 feets away.  (nope not me.)   And she asked me to rub my hands together.  IM like huh???  for sound?   Yup.   Im dumbfounded.  I had no idea it make "sounds"..okey dokey..so I tried that.  Cory looked right at me, in respond to THAT!!   oy!!! that is like nothing for me even at close range. I had to step about 10 feet..yup he can still hear it.  W O W  that is all I can say.   I am still amazed with this CI thing..

the next thing is to consider...whether he will get second implant for the other side...we have to make a decision.........do we do it?  or are we just happy with one?  considering he is doing very well anyway.   I hear lots of pros..cons.   It's not an easy decision as a parent.


  1. Karen you don't have to answer this question I totally understand if you don't want to, but have you yourself ever considered a CI?

    My opinions on the second implant is that they are coming out with new technology sooo fast now and our little ones are still soooo young, that I'd hate to destroy the cochlea and then something new and better come out and our children not be able to use it! I know that they have successfully transplanted hair cells in the ear on a rat, so who knows how much longer it will take for them to do it on a human! I mean even if it took 20 years for them to come up with a new device, our children would still be young!! Anyways just my thoughts on it all!! I have seen MANY children through VOC ages 1 year up to grade 3 with perfect speech and ONE implant and 100% deaf!

  2. Well, as I am an user of the CI for past 5 years already and am itching for a second implant someday whenever Health Canada ever grants more funding for it. I feel the comparasion is to walking on one leg all the time and depend a lot on it. With a double CI, you can locate sounds even more and bring up hearing to a whole new level.

    The CI technology is just amazing and forgive me for being a great advertiser. Yes I hear basically a lot more- banana peeling or pants swishing around and so on. Hands swishing, yes that is old news to me. I had no idea how much of those sounds existed ! I ditched my digital hearing aids for good and wonder how that is how possible to ever compare it with the CI ? You just cant ?! It is just so much easier to hear with the CI.

    As a parent, it is your decison for your son, Cory and there are children out there with double CI's. Read about their choices.

  3. See Katie, you ditched your digital hearing aids for the new technology, the implant, now what if our young 2 year old children have a choice in 10, 20 or even 30 years to have a new and better option such as hair transplanting? If they have an implant in both ears they probably won't be able to ditch the implant for the new technology because their cochlea will already have been destroyed putting the implant in!!! Thats why I say leave it up to our children when they are old enough to make that decision, by then maybe something new will be out that they will choose instead!!
    Just My Opinion!!!