Game night ..busted!!!!!!!

Sometimes, we have a family game night..but for Cory.  He is tad too young for games that are designed for 9 years old and up.  Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble etc.  Tonight, he really really wanted to be part of it.  I tried to give him the extra dice, houses or little playing pieces but it was chaos!!!!!!! he throw the dice and we got mixed up which ones are the actually one that we throw etc.  and then he moved our pieces and we forget where we were etc.  Sean was telling him don't touch but of course, typically two years old he just continue on with touching and moving things around.  I can feel his motivation but at the same time, he is so young, he doesn't have the right attention to focus yet on tasks like game at length of time.  I found ABC memory game, he wasn't really doing it with us.   So I tried go fish..match up etc. before but nope.. He wants the grow up ones!!!!!!!!  I had to hold him back few times to not to wreck it and tried to amuse him with other pieces from game he can use.  But then he just grabbed the game board and chuck it away "trying to get our attention" "THERE!" and all of us just sat there suddenly, shunned.   Whoaaaaaaa!  Game is definitely over!  Everything got mixed up, pieces flying, money all over.   All of us just glared at him, not saying a word.  Cory knows he did something wrong.   He knows he is in trouble!   he just stopped and was very quiet and look down at his feet.    Sean got stern and told Cory, that wasn't acceptable and told him go to his room.  (it was time for his bed time anyway..) He is very willing and shot out of the room as fast as his little legs carried him.    As soon as he was out of our sight, we all started laughing and it was like chaos and..he looks so mordid, sorry for he did and ran away.  Sighh..I guess you have to be there to see it.      Oh well..maybe it's a cue that he really does want to play games.  I'll have to keep trying with games that are suitable for him with all of us.  He just really wanted to be part of it.   Lots of games to try, at this age..Memory games, candy land?, go fish, or match up cards, or Snake and Ladders, and there is one game I might have to go buy it. "Good night Moon"..its a good game that CA used to play, unfortunately I gave it away.  |She was about 2 yrs old when we played it.  I recommended it.  Maybe Christmas gift this year??  Ho Ho Ho..
Mostly important, many deaf children that I worked over the years, are sorely lacked of "games", its really a good tool to teach them literacy part, social aspects, turn taking, learning numbers (dice), managing money etc.  I strongly ENCOURAGE parents to have their deaf or hard of hearing children to be involved as much as they can with games.  start them young..lots of action games, tags, hide and seek etc..board games, card games.   I grew up with lots of games with all my relatives, grandparents, my brother and I have to admit, I'm quite skilled at games.  It's a good old fashioned way of learning. 

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  1. LOL, sometimes they can be such turds!! I think that he will also have to learn that he can't do everything the older people can!! Its part of life, especially with older siblings! Maybe next time you could all play a game with him first and then tell him its the "big peoples" turn! Or play after he's in bed lol. Another good game for that age that my boys liked is trouble! Justin has the einstein jr. version!