how much can he really hear? or better yet..How much can he UNDERSTANDS?

During those time, he learned alot of sign vocabulary with us. We tried bit of speech with him but he is not really copying us. So we do know that sometimes when I say a word ..out of the blue he would say it!!!!!!!! its weird. He can't some speech vowels or sounds like when we practiced on them..but did say few words!!!!! talk about skipping lessons! The CI is amazing thing..he is really understanding a lot of things than we thought. One time when I was preparing for dinner..I told the kids that it's time to wash up ..of course Cory isn't looking at me so I was about to walk over and let him know but he beats me to it! he got up and sign "wash hands" and ran to bathroom. I was dumbfounded!!!!!!!! to this day..I started to testing him to see if how much he can understands verbally. He does! The hard part is NOT to sign when ask or tell him something. I had to sit on my hands at time. He can understand a lot of things..it was amazing! I am so excited to be on this journey as a deaf parent with a deaf CI child (and a preschool teacher for deaf and hard of hearing kids) Getting him to talk is the next thing to do...if he doesn't. It doesn't matter, he got the language, that is the whole point. Isn't it?

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