Halloween fun today..(post Halloween party..)

WE had a post-Halloween party today at PNP (BCF center)..it was fun for the kids..but I think honestly, that is hard for Cory because I keep telling him it's over for days and voila! I took out his costume.  Clean up all the Halloween stuff and put it away etc.  He came home today after the program and asking about going out door to door!   (whack my head..)  At first, I wasn't sure what he wants..but then when he said "dress up, bear" (his costume)..I'm like oh no!!!!!!   I told him..no not today. Halloween is finished.  Then of course, he got into his one of those "fits"..I am seeing those more lately..   I don't know if its because he is at that stage, or he is starting to be comfortable with us and not afraid to show his feelings.   That is fine with me.  I don't embarrassed easily or care.  I just let him.   (sometimes I try not to laugh..its so cute..) 
I am very thrilled to know he understands the concept anyway.   so something tells me  I will not do Christmas tree etc too early this year..ugh.  

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