why this works now???

Before we had Cory...we live in the area, there are light traffic around our neighbours.  When CA was younger, I have to sit out by the sidewalk and watch the kids play.   My daughter and her 8 to 12 other friends love playing outside daily.    It depends on who..but a lot of people do not bother slow down when they see kids playing outside.   I already requested for speed bumps in our areas because I am sick and tired of disrespect and the ingorance of drivers.    Two years ago, I got this sign from insurance company...it doesn't seem to work very well ..maybe by 25 percent people actually slowed down.  UNLESS I put the sign in the MIDDLE of the road, it force them to slow down and go around it.  (giggles)..that plan backfired  once because a handy dart bus rammed into it and took off!   I couldn't believed it.   I did called and complained to supervisor about it.  The driver claimed that he didn't see it.   ack!!!!  it was right in the middle of the road..how can't you NOT see it?????   Then one day, one of the parking commisser came around and told me that I can't do that.  I can get a ticket for doing that.   I am appalled because it does make people slow down and I can't reinforce it by putting my yellow sign.  

Then we have Cory...I remember a mom long ago, asked the city hall for a specialized sign for her daughter and they had it posted in their cul-de-sac.  I often wonder if its something I should get as well.   But in the meantime, I had to "modify" my yellow sign..and sort of put in the middle of the road.  Closer to our curb though.   I tell you...IT WORKS!  90 percent of the time, people ACTUALLY slow down.   See it for yourself!   (I think it's sad that it had to be that way....) One mom commented that she should do the same thing, and NO she doesn't have hearing loss kids.  


  1. Prior to this..We had this outside few days ago. An old lady pulled over and telling me that I need to move it and put it on the driveway. I tell you, I didn't put it in the MIDDLE of the road or anything. It was about 30 cm from the curb. I find that drivers see it there than it would be on the curb. Anyway, I just pretending I didn't hear her, start signing to her and cupped my ears. etc. She started to talk to me S L O W and LOUD. "YOU NEED TO MOVE THE SIGN!!!!!" I just struggled my shoulders. I'll deal with it one day if I ever get a ticket...

  2. I had the kids out front yesterday, and I put up our slow kids at play signs and added "deaf" to the sign. And holey!! People actually DID slow down a whole bunch more than they did the last time I put them up without!! I will be laminating the "deaf and glueing it on in a different colour paper forsure! Great idea. All the neighbor's came out and even complimented them!

    The neighbour's actually were telling me TO put it in the middle of the road! Get that!

  3. if we can go to city hall and get special signs up..I know one family that did it. I could ask her.