why no pictures?

Hi..I have to be careful with photos of Cory up to this point. Due adoption act, we can't post it because I may risk in posting them in websites where everyone can access to it. I am still trying to figure out how to "privatized" this blog. I haven't yet. Sorry..people has been asking about it. I think once when the adoption order (Paper works are finalized) I may be allowed to post some photos but again I have to go through some paper works to find out if I can or not. It depends how closed this adoption is. (whether the birth family wants to find us or not..) There are some loopholes in this right now. For now, he is in our placement for sure and we are not to contact the birth family and same for them to us.

HOpe that helps.

I do sent a private email with some photos to close friends and families. Just ask! You know my email address.

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