October...finally catching up. (almost)

Well, October was much much better month. thank god! I literally slowed down and really taking all this in. (suddenly, its like a reality hit me..i have a son!!!!!!!!) whoa! Im crying when I write this. Sometimes Im just a knucklehead, I do have some friends who do whacked me occasionally. I love you too! Smile.
It was an awesome experience..I know I kept saying this. (I hope this never ends!) the feeling of love and the little boy in our family..makes me just wanna shout to the world. "It's AWESOME!"
Yes, it is difficult at times..but its just all normal. Having a hearing loss kid is different than hearing kid BUT I never would allow that! I expect to treat him the same as everyone else..big deal, he has hearing loss. I know some people may not feel this way. I understand. One part, maybe its because I have hearing loss myself so I could be just saying as a person. Don't treat me differently. I thank my parents never, let me be the "deaf" person I am or any different. They wouldn't allow me be treated differently. No pity there! If I was gonna be punished, I will be punished the same as my brother. ditto! In spites, of my faults (at least I am admitting that Im not a perfect), they love me the same no matter what. They still love me when I decided to learn sign language when I was 21 yrs old. and still love me when I make mistakes deaf or not.
Because Im a Sp. Need ECE teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, I do not allow children get special treatments because they are deaf. I only try my best to make sure they get the full potentials as their hearing peers and their family.
Because I am just using both signings and speech with Cory so he has the both "access" which gives him an opportunity to communicate to his likings whatever it is. At least, I am not limited to one method so he's not alway second guessing things. (and me) I used a lot of books, pictures, draw pictures, always use extra words like yesterday, today, tomorrow, which, why, first, second, then, (those are words that I wanted to expose to him so he will EVENTUALLY get what they means) and yup, he does now. I also try to be "colorful" with specific things like , bring me that red car rather than " car", or I want that BIG piece of bread to show and he really picks up on those words. (yes both ASL signing and talking)
I tell you..there were a lot of time, I was firm and not give up or let him sway away with it. But it works. He knows not to do it again or was more CLEAR on things than "grey" area. I 'll try to think of an example. I know that its a little different than a typical hearing kid..which you can say easily to explain things, knowing he understands what you meant.
An example, Cory found a ball, he was throwing in the house. By my action, first, I take the ball from him . (so I know he will get my full attention) I had to go down to his level and say " I see you found a ball, but please no throwing ball in the house"..I had to gesture and show him by action..(throwing ball..nooo) "not here...throw ball outside". "why..it will break something" and by action showing pretending if throw..this vase will fall and break". Then I would show him by sitting on the floor "we can roll the ball gently..back and forth" show him by rolling it. Of course, he picks it up and threw it. I say no..FIRM. I say "roll ball or time out if throw it again". he threw it again. So I had to give him time out. ( i know some of you may think its a little too extreme.."he's too young" he doesn't understand" etc. TRUST me ..he does. Kids are smarter than you think. YOU can do it. and of course, he's bawling his eyes. after two minutes..we tried it again. he was about to do it again (throwing) I looked right at him. "roll ball or Time out again"..he automatically went to floor and start rolling. Two things, HE learned its wrong, "no means no" its not hard. Of course, we had some timeouts in the first few weeks and after that, he knows the rules.
I'm laughing here..(I shouldn't..but of course he didn't see me laughing) Last night, Cory just went up to CA and hit her. CA (I told her with encouragements that she must let Cory know that hurt and don't hit me etc..even it doesn't hurt but to not allow "hittings" in general) told Cory ..that hurts, don't hit me. But he looked away and looked at daddy (Sean) who of course, told Cory "Cory, no hitting..." real firm and then Cory ran up to Sean and whacked him THEN he took off running down the hall. He knews he did something wrong..so he ran over to Time Out spot and sat there, cover his eyes. well, that was easy. LOL
Lately, due to his CI, he can hear really good. I am still surprised every day..
I can easily say to him "Cory, TIMEOUT" he can hear that and just go there himself. Of course, he would pouting..and say "sorry" right away. (now its got to the stage where he thinks when he say "Sorry" all is good and he can go now. Unfortunately, I'm on to his game now. I tell him ..wait Time out first then you can say sorry"..of course it depends the degree of punishment or his actions. smart little cookie!
I got to run!!!!!! see you next time.

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