lol..Im ONLY human!!!!

For some reasons, last night, I forgot to take CI off Cory at bedtime. Nor him, not telling me about it! I was pretty tired last night..and Cory too. It feels like a long day yesterday with yucky weather. After reading a story..I noticed that he is not at his full attention..his eyes grazed over my (signing) telling story. He literally just went to bed..so I figured. Good night. Yup, I forgot about his CI still attached to him. Sean came home and like a father, he went in to check on him before he went to bed. He said..why did you leave CI on him???? im like I didn't! He said to me to go look. LOL..it's still there. opps. I guess that is pretty normal. I am surprised that he didn't acknowledge it. I wonder if other kids would like to leave on at night time? Im curious about it. I know I have a girlfriend who leaves her hearing aid on at night time. (she only wears one aid) She said she cannot have it off at night time. Don't ask me why..

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