the story continue???

In late July, Cory came to our hometown for five days..along with foster mom. She stayed at our house for two nights then remain the rest of the week at the hotel. It went very well, Cory was amazing adjusting to all this so well. I think the hard part is NOT going out and keeping everyone away from us during that time. I know everyone want to stop by and meet him etc..we did had a family member came by and only stay for short time. I think it was hard for foster mom..she may have felt little out of place..and knowing her "little boy" that she cares for since birth will be leaving her. I have to admit the time at our house was little nerve-wrecking..you don't know what it will turn out and it made me nervous at times when foster mom was around. I try my best to keep the routines same for Cory that he has in his home..sometimes you can't help not doing that. Our life is completely different..than the one he used to.
I remember the day we all went for a walk to Cloverdale Atheletic Park. It was a "full day" with football game..lots of cheerings, cheerleaders, people walking all over, baseball tournaments going and so on..very busy. Cory stopped suddenly and was taking all in..(remember that in his hometown..they are very small population and nothng like our hometown..traffic, airport, cities etc..) imagine that. Sean was telling him to come on ..and when he wouldn't. Sean just picked him up and then all the suddenly Cory just bawled his eyes out! I immediately knew how he felt..so I just took him and held him to help him calm down and try to explain the best I could with all the environment around him. I had to give him some time to absorb all this..and after about 5 minutes. He was ready to go. To that day, I alway remember to allow anything new and let him to used to it before rushing off. Its like seeing everything for the first time thru his eyes.
The day he has to go home...I had to drop him and his foster mom at the airport. I remember seeing his confusion face, when Carrie-Anne and I had to go back to truck. We had to say good bye to him. He seems really confused why we didn't go with him. Then he got upset as we drove away..I know I saw at the back through my rear window. That was hard. Carrie-Anne was really upset. She said its not fair to Cory! I had to explain as best as I can with how the system works. We were scheduled to see him next week and bring him home for good!

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