THE DELAY....??????

At the end of July, I was scheduled to fly out to see Cory for last visit and final. Two days before that, we got a disturbing news from our social worker. All visits are halted until further notice!!! I tell you I was so upset..we all were. Apparently, part of the protocol, all children must undergo see a doctor BEFORE adoption take place. They should have done that before all the visitings..for some reason, it was later. Doctor found something on Cory's back, near his tailbone and it wasn't noticed before. He was concerned about it, and wanted do more testings and our social worker wanted it to be clear before we went ahead with the visitings. (I think they are just covering their "asses" so I dont blame them for something later) It was indicinted as "spinal" problems. So they just wanted to make sure before adoption take place. Meaning if we still want to take him regardless if he has spinal problem or ?? That was a hard decision we would have to make..do we want to take a special need baby PLUS deafness??? that is really tough. I dont know if you know our story before..we had a foster son for almost 5 years and he was deaf, PLUS special needs. (autism/ADHD..mental disabilities)..the list go on. We were emotionally and physically exhausted. He required 24 hours care..you get the idea. We had no life for a long time. We also have to think of our daughter as well.
We had to wait until the test results for few days..therefore it became a week..their social worker want to start all over with adoption visitings again becuase it was about almost 2 weeks delay since Cory last saw us. I said no way!!!!! I had spent most of July visitings and we barely had our summer vacation yet! I thought by the end of July we'll get Cory and then spent the rest of August as summer vacation with our regular family outings. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out the way we wanted to. So our social worker and their social worker were "negotating" the terms back and forth ..and plus waiting for test results.
Finally when we got the results..it was negative for Spinal Bifida. It was SUCH a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you. I thank you EVERYONE for their prayers and support and their love during that difficult time. Everyone has been waiting too for Cory to come home and to find that it was delayed due to that.
So my story continue....I flew out the next day after long weekend of August. this time it's a short few days visit because time is running out. I stayed in a place which its more of B&B instead of going all the way to nearest town hotel. (i regret this decision..) oh well. I only stayed there for two nights. Sean and Carrie-Anne came up by third day to come to pick up Cory and I and bring us home. The whole idea is that I was to be with Cory for two days by myself..but foster mom and I decided not to follow the schedule as social worker has set up for us. It doesn't make sense. She wanted me to take Cory back to my "hotel" for two days alone with Cory..but get this..there is NOTHING there for him to keep him amuse, no high chair, no crib, everything he needs is at foster home! at the same time, foster mom is suppose to start packing all his things and be ready to be taken with us. She decided to let me stay at her house while she go out to town for full day. It was so much easier because everything I need for Cory is there. He seems to be fine with her going out for the day. I even took Cory to his playgroup in his hometown and then we went to the park to allow foster mom to pack his things etc.

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