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whew..im trying to remember way back. Lol..not really way way back. First, I wanted to explain how we got into this.
Sean and I have been foster parents for over 12 years..and we have had several kids who comes and goes..the difference about these kids we had. They all have hearing loss. That what makes our home's an unique place for them.
Anyway, through fostering, we found out that there are at least 1200 kids in BC looking for "forever" home. My heart breaks for those kids who has been in foster care, some for a long time, some not so long..but I can't believe how many there are out there. So of course, I couldn't do nothing..we start looking through the profiles to see if any of these kids are a match for our families. Along the way, once we start looking, we got a phone call from the MCF (Ministry of Children and Families) that there is a 2 yrs. old boy who has a hearing loss and is looking for a family. We weren't looking for a boy at the time, because that is you all know we have a 8 yrs old daughter. You know how girls are..so she wants a sister close to her age. But after hearing about this potential boy, I wanted to find out more about him..so I start my journey there.
Call them back and said we are interested but wanted to find out more about this little fellow and went from there.
The first thing is that his social worker (and foster mom..in this case it's rare for foster moms to come along) to check out our house and wanted to meet up with me and Sean. So they flew out to see us. I have to admit..my stomach was all "butterfly"...and Im thinking .."can I do this??..is this insane??" we know nothing about this little boy! That is not entire true..MCF have to tell us everything about him A to Z..good and bad etc. but you and I both know its different than just reading papers about him than it is in person!
While they were meeting us and asking questions..they kept saying..if you take him would you etc??? and I would be saying if he was with us..he would be etc.." it was insane! i tried so far not say that it was a definite! This silly "ifs"..the social worker finally said.."this is silly..look we really want you to take this boy..we read your files and we think you are a perfect family for him." Normally they are not suppose to tell us right at that spot..but she couldn't just not tell us! AND my heart just leaped with joys! I tried hard not to get too excited..you know you hear horror stories how sometimes adoption didn't happened. so the next step is to make arrangements for me to fly out to meet him and stay in his hometown for a week. I was to stay at the hotel and rental car..(the nearest hotel is about 45 minutes away..) I can't tell you where they are from..due to protection his birth rights. I just say just from North BC.
If you really know who I am...this kinda of changes is hard for me!!!!!!!!!! I hate changes..im just such a perfection, routine structure type of person. but I did it..because there is a little boy for our family.
In July, I flew out (did I say I really hate planes??!?!?), and got myself settled. I was supposed to meet him the next day..but i couldn't wait!! Luckily for me, his social worker knew how it felt so she offer to drive me to see him right away.
First time, I saw Cory..my heart was beating a mile, it was a weird stance..i felt my whole body was doing heartbeat..thump thump..i felt this huge pause, everything around me just literally fade away. My eyes locked into his..he was staring right at me. He was such a beautiful little guy! Then he went to his toys and wanted to show me his cars. We just started to play together. I stayed for dinner at this foster home, the family was very gracious and I have to admit it was kinda of feeling surreal. I feel somewhat felt betray and was on their terriority. Remember this foster mom had him since birth! Yet, here I am taking her little boy away! Talk about feeling bit awkward..

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  1. I wish that I could do this one day too! We have to see where our path leads us, but I would love to help take a child out of the foster care system! So insperational Karen and Sean, and of course Carrie anne!!