i know!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to catch up..I thought I would be able to do this eventually and catch up all the news with what has been happening from the beginning to now. How the adoption came to this etc...but Cory wouldn't let me out of his sights at this point. sighhh..I rarely have time to sit at the computer and try to let my fingers talking and tell my story. Honestly, I would have done it while he naps but nap times has been not an easy ride ..but with each day, he has been with us..he is starting to nap longer and longer like he used to before he came to our life. And, I have to admit..he kinda of worn me out..so Im finding myself having a nap once a while (for 15 to 20 minutes) or just pure REST on my couch..so I can get that energy back when he wakes up. such a precious boy and BUSY too!!!!!!!!! No complains here...it has been a wonderful journey and I really would like to share and thank god for the beautiful addition to our family. I PROMISE I will start doing my blog...

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