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I had some people asking how did I get Cory's ideas about pumpkin and preparing the pumpkin patch trip...
Carrie Anne already got a small pumpkin. And Cory was loving it, but you know how big sister is..and I don't blame her because he was rolling it all over the house. Dropped it twice, and finally I had to put it in a safe place. Then that day, we are planning to go to the pumpkin patch, I took it out and of course, Cory wants it. But we said "this is CA's pumpkin"..he knows "yours or mine" concepts. Of course, he did got upset and I asked him " you want a pumpkin" "Cory's pumpkin?" he signs "want" and I told him, that we will go to the pumpkin "farm" patch to get a pumpkin. Put your shoes, jacket on, get in the car..we'll go to the pumpkin patch." He was so excited about getting one. I m seeing him sign "pumpkin" over and over again. So the rest is you know..it doesn't take much to figure it out. (another idea I would is, to go out and buy a pumpkin myself and bring it home..hold it until the field trip)
Today we did the carving..it took a while..but it's worth it with language stimulations. I had to do alot of modelling, then using turn taking, with cutting, scooping, smell good or bad..yucky..face features. Oh don't forget the sounds! He loves the auditory part! He likes to "knock" on it to hear the texture/hollowness of it. And the sounds of "wet sawing"...honestly, that one I can't really hear it! I really tried. He kept saying.."listen.." I just shudder the thought of "wet sawing"...(I'm picturing the scenes of a horror movie..I won't even go there!!!) Seriously, can you hear those sawings?!?!? wow. I'm happy to say I'm not missing that out! LOL
I took pictures of sequences of how to turn pumpkin into jack o lantern. I will be making a book with simple words for literacy. Today, I heard him say the word "Pumpkin"..its not exactly perfect..but it's vocalized! wow..amazing how much you would have to do to get him to say words these days. I'm still waiting for the day he say "I love you" using his voice. He do signed it. Can't complain!

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