checking out preschools..

I can relate to other parents..while scouring for preschool for their little one..we try to make the best decision in regard a placement for them.   Not easy..!  I can relate that.  However, on the other side for me..it's kinda of awkward for me because I'm not asking for special favours or anything just because it so happens to be my work place as well.   If I go somewhere else, will it look bad?? People is gonna wonder why I'm at the other "side" not at BCF...I don't want people to feel misleading at this point.  
And of course, again because of Cory's age..technicially he is to enroll in preschool of next year (Sept 2010) or yet, at 30 months of age depending on the programs.  The only problem is..it does looks or appear to be that I am being pushy..but you and I know if he is starving for language, he is at stage where he is really picking up on things and this is where you take an advantage at this stage!   He is ready for certain things and I just happen to have this type of kid!   You can see where I stand..
I thought about it and thought about it..for like a month.   I'm thinking to avoid "bias.." and the awkward position I am at..maybe its best to put him in a regular preschool.  Maybe he may not get a full benefits from it like those specialized but at least he will learn something along the way with me .  I know I will need to stay with him..to get a SEA or supported worker at this late stage is not gonna happen.   At least, its a start.  
sighhhhh choices....

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