Halloween! NOT Christmas!!!!

wow..lots of language around Halloween. Labels, labels, plannings, lots of crafts, books..there are so many things to show Cory about Halloween. He is starting to get the idea...He is gonna be a cute fuzzy bear! We got the costume back from our friends, it used to be CA's. Cool. I love that bear costume. His favorite word is "pumpkin"...so let's see how he will reacts when we carve one tonight. It is so much fun to see through his eyes..learning new things like Halloween. I feel like Im re-living the childhood again. Keep me young. ha ha.
Other day, we got a box of boxes. One of the book is Christmas. Cory was really excited about the picture of Santa. So I read him that little book, about Santa, coming down the chimney and reindeers etc. simple story. Now Im seeing him talking about Santa. OY!!!!!! he runs to the fireplace and keep looking up the chute. oy oy..I got to hide that book!!!!!! whack. For now, I think the novelty wears out..so back to Halloween theme! Please one thing at a time! Unfortunately, yesterday we went to Costco..ya you KNOW IT!!!!!!!! dang it...Christmas everywhere! oh boy. Cory, now talks about Santa, again. sighhhhhhhhh Im SO NOT ready for this.

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