Second night..

Second day..we all went into our routine and of course Cory's too. We found that it was so easy and will blended right into our family. I was prepared for all kind of possible issues that can happen with this transition. Its almost like he was always had been with us like birth son...
We are very fortunate that Cory was almost too easy-going kid and happy..I kept waiting for something to happen. I think overall the whole thing is difficult is FOR ME! yup...you know how I hate changes. I really miss working..working with families, my part time schedule as working mom and stay home mom..I liked the balance! so I dont become insane of staying home all the times. I remember since I moved out of my parents house..I became workalcoholic..working all the times, sometimes three jobs at once. Always had to be busy and working all the time, taking in all the overtime, weekends too etc. Until I had my daughter, my world changed. But I still have to "work"!!! so I settled for part time work and part time home. NOW its changed again..ugh! I think that's why I'm hesistated at some point when people ask me how it going? enjoying your new son. LOL I wouldn't change anything for the world! It was a WONFERFUL experience! My love grow every day..keeping in faith more than ever. I try to relax ..and sit back and see the world differently. I do miss my families at work..the commitments, the needs of my services...but I do have a different type of job now. IS a parent of deaf child now. I learn something new everyday ..and become more awareness now with the needs of deaf child and having one!

Anyway, by the second night...Cory doesn't want his crib. He wants the bunk bed (bottom) and we were kinda of not sure about it. But decided to have both in the room so he can be transferred back to crib if bed doesn't work out. and when I tried to give him his soother and he didn't want it!!!!! he just growled at me and turn away. Im like ok fine..I just left it on the dresser beside him. He hasn't touch it since. AND he slept in the bed ever since! no more crib no more soother. strangeeeeeee! that is ususual. Its almost like he suddenly want to be a big boy overnight!

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