The day Cory came home....

I remember waking that morning..feeling wonderfully blessed. Can't wait to go home! OUT of this flea-bagged "hotel"..ughhhh I rather go camping!
The "good bye" party is for all of us being there, with all foster mom's family too to say good bye to Cory. Plus their social worker etc. We were only there for a hour for a cake and coffee, then take off as we had a long drive home..
I tell you this..with a grin...I will NEVER take a 2 yrs. old for such a long car rides AGAIN!!!!!!! We left at 10:30 am and got home about 7:30pm. Of course, we had to stop several times..mainly my husband is the "one" who had to go bathroom. *snickers*
I'm feeling sad as I type this..that day for good bye party..it was the MOST difficult and AWKWARD thing for us to do. Even Carrie-Anne was feeling so upset..seeing foster mom and her daughter grief openly about Cory leaving. I know their social worker is trying to help them to deal with this. She even had to tell me ..that is its difficult for them and I not to worry about it. that we are doing a good thing for Cory. blah blah..i dont remember her words too much because I was really uncomfortable and just couldn't wait to get out of there! I did said to Sean at one point.."can we do this? I feel like Im taking her baby away! I can't do this!!!" Sean just had to hold me tightly..and gently reminded me that we are doing a good thing. I tell you it may be a good thing..but it's an awful thing too. I will NEVER forget that day for the rest of my life. They were trying very hard keeping their emotions in check as they put him in the truck and say good bye. I bought a silver pendant heart necklace for foster mom. It said "Love always" from Cory. It's at least I can do..she gave me the greatest gift.
We didn't get much stuff for Cory to bring home..except for his train table and set which it was a gift from all of them as part of departure gift.
I think I didn't stop crying until we were out of their hometown. I keep asking Sean who can see Sean from where he was sitting if Cory is ok etc like hundred of times. Cory was all smile and was having fun playing with Carrie Anne in the backseat. Thank god for her!
Onlly one thing that didn't happened was that Cory didn't fall asleep which we were told that he has driven down to Vancouver few times for CI mappings for at least 3 hours. But it didn't happened! so by 3pm..we were dealing with VERY cranky kid! he tried to rip out his car seat and was whining few times. It was still quite a way home so we stopped at Merritt by 4 and went to eat and then to a park for a hour. (plus water park..) it was refreshing.
Finally time to go again..he wouldn't sleep..and was really fussy more than ever. Oy! I had to try to entertain him by behind the seats with my hand puppets for several times! lol i then threw several items that I found in my purse to keep him amused..one at a time.
We finally got home..we didn't know whether we should let him play or put him right in bed. It was a tiring day. So we just waited about 30 minutes to put him in bed..he explored and play around bit. And then he was nodding off so it was easy. it was so content at once..back to my home, my family..my life and a little boy. sighhhhh

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