Birch Bay..last two weeks in August..wasn't too bad??

wasn't it? I tell you I think so..but that is me. IT wasn't that horrible. We finally had a chance to bring Cory down to the trailer and make the best of the last two and half weeks of summer down there. Carrie-Anne was thrilled, to see her summer friends and catch up etc. Cory, on the other hand, it was an adjustment for him really. I wonder if its too soon for him...

He wasn't sleeping well..naps too short. fighting when its bed time and getting up really early. I know one thing for sure, he is having a BLAST!!!!!!!! I can tell he really loves Birch Bay. The pool, beach, playing everyday..walks etc. How could you not??? We kinda of solved the issue of sleeping after third nights..he hates sleeping in playpen!!!!! That was the problem so I had to encourage Carrie Anne to give up her sleeping area so Cory is near by with us. It's time for CA to move to front and into hide-a-bed. She is getting big to be sleeping on mattress beside us. Not much room to move around.

We stayed there until long weekend of Sept..actually we were supposed to stay until Tuesday..forgo first day of school for CA anyway..its only a hour on first day and Im like what's the point? the border lineups would be wayyyyyyyy better on Tuesday instead of Monday Labour Day. (Cory doesn't have Nexus ..so we are back to regular line ups than the ones we used to..sob!) I am working on getting one for him but have to wait until name changed first and then passport then nexus! I gave up by Saturday ..I had ENOUGH..I was exhausted, bored and missing my friends, computer, home, routines (its hard being with a toddler all the time) Sean and CA stayed down there until Monday..they can go thru Nexus. So when I camehome on Saturday..it was purely blessed! my own hot bath, access, Cory is back to routine, napping again etc. ahh at least I was able to get stuff ready for "Back to school" etc..tons of laundrys, clean my house etc....I feel not so stress out like mainly I do at the beginning of school year with all that going on. Cory was much better once we were at home. Oh well..there is alway next year, he'll be more confidence and ready this time.

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