Getting back to our routines...

ok..this one is gonna be short version than a long one (I'll try my best to jam the September news into October!!!!!) if not..oh well.
Getting back to "school" routines were CRAZY...I think I was so tired that I just went to bed soo early those days. Its one thing to another and another and another..constantly on a "go" daily..I guess catching up on basics and going errands after not being able to do anything for 2 months? Cory has several appointments, which its lots of paper works, programs, speech therapy, social workers etc etc. Plus CA's schedule..oy!!! I know that its busy enough with one..but two! no matter how old they are..it just busy . PERIOD. I m still not determined whether Cory's schedule or Carrie Anne's is easier.. poor guy..every morning, its let's go let's go..get up at 7:00 am and out the door by 8:15am in time for CA's school. Oh ya..did I mentioned that the school time schedule changed?? grrr. last year it was 8:40-8:45. now its 8:30..due to school budget. (go figure) anyway..because it was such a rush..I forget to stop and think for a pause to allow this alllllll take in for Cory and (duh me..I should know better) explain as much as I can possibly can what is happening. "where are we going?" we need to get dressed, eat and get ready to take CA's to school etc etc. EVERYONE at BCF would probably whack me for this..ya ya.. Seriously, I can understand how easily one can fall back or forget the littlest thing like taking time and allowing language or communication process at pace to get them to see to the fullest possible of understanding what is happening around their surroundings. I tell you no doubt, that is sooooo IMPORTANT!!! I learned my lesson, to the needless, I think by the third day, (sniff..) Cory just literally bawled his eyes out one morning after trying to "woof" down his breakfast then directly to his shoes/coat and out of the door. Carrie Anne and I just stopped and looked at him. We couldn't figure out what's wrong with him..I keep asking him if he fall or hurt himself etc.. I checked from top of this head to his toes..nothing. I just looked right at him and thinking. Literally, I had to rethink of the whole thing myself..thinking dang it..he was overwhelmed with our morning routines..I felt really bad about this. It was probably something I should have explain to him more with what we are doing and where are we going. I did in fact told CA that she is a big girl she really needs to try to get her stuff ready in mornings herself and try to be more responsible. (bad habits are hard to break..) back to that morning, I just sat down and just held him and had to take a step back. Allow some time for Cory to process this morning routine, and try to explain as much as possible with what we have to do and where are we going? etc. I just sat there and wait for him to be "ready" himself and at the same time, telling him we need to walk CA to school. Then after few minutes, he said to me "shoes?" and then we went from there. I should know. Its an adjustment, not just for Cory but for me. I just have to be more creative in areas of allowing him to process things in his own paces. I know that we live in this world where everyone is always rushing and busy...I crave for those days when I was little and my mom was a stay-home mom, I remember not being so busy or fanatic these days.
Another thing, I didn't really bother to tell him (signs) much with so little language he has..so honestly I had no idea HOW much he understands..so again as a professional, little and short sentences as possible. But again, I don't want to limit his language either. But with time, now I know how much or how little I can sign with him depends on where he is and whether I can get his full attention. I think that is hard for parents to go through that..I can understand. You want to give him your full potentials so in order he gets the full potentials. ( I'll try to avoid the word "high expectations"..it can be dangerous in sense.)
I had to laugh..the other day..one parent asked me about school for Cory when he goes for Kindergarten. I was on FULL SPEED on that one, saying that I want him to be in the same school as my daughter. Its a neighbour school after all, near my home. (yup it'll be the awesome thing and make our life easy..and Cory's life normal as a little boy) blah blah..I was saying that the school has a speech therapist for few the students there. and they have a learning resource class so we would know he can get support from there if he need to etc. OF course, one of the therapist interrupted and let me on that FIRST of all..it DEPENDS on the child, where his language/speech is at, OUR commitments and advocating etc. Im like oh oh ya ya..
WOW...I am one of those parents!!!!!!! I'm sitting there thinking..wait a minute. what am I thinking? OF COURSE she is right! I was being "ahead" of myself again. so these are the days, I need to sloooow down and let the nature take course for Cory. Seriously, I had to remind myself several times to relax. and just take one day at a time. So now..things are just nice and dandy. I really hate September..LOL.

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