On the lighter side...only one CI.

You know that Cory has BI-CI;s.   (two Cochlear Implants) , well..I don't know if this is lazy part of me but in the summer, he only wore one (his preferred 1st) most of the time now.  We did try few times to get him to wear both but we often had to take it off too many times because of bike helmet, swimming, beach and even rough playing.  It ends up in my pocket but I did lost it once because I threw it away by accident! oy!  I must have thought it was something else..found it in the garbage.   Not good..I realized that it's best to keep them in dryer jar and try again when school starts.  We have been home for few days and we have been prompting him to wear both now. Pool and Beach days are over..but he has been resisting it.  ugh.   It would tell me that he doesn't need it.   I try to ask why..he hasn't given me any answer.  He would just run away.   I don't know if this is going to be a problem...


  1. In my experience getting back into routine is always tough. It doesn't matter what the issue is. Perhaps try getting him to wear it just while you read him a story or watch a tv show or movie together. That way you can monitor the situation and see if there are issues with the CI.

    I find a lot of the time it's more about me not wanting the take on the responsibilities of getting back into routine than it is the child. Children thrive on routine and knowing what the limits are. I'm sure if you are consistent and loving in your approach to reinstating the use of the second CI your son will respond appropriately.

  2. My son still pefers his first ear over his newer ear that was implanted. He got his first at 18 months of age and his second at 4 1/2 years of age. He lets the coil dangle on his newer ear and will slap it back on when he sees me. He is 11 years old now. If I threaten to take away that ear though he tells me no. He has tourette syndrome, OCD and ADHD though so I think noise overwhelms him at times.