My little Grinch????

This is what I fear ..too much Christmas happening..Christmas comes too soon, in stores, Santa in mall, the holiday stimulations.  Over the weekend, I decided to wrapped the presents and put them under our tree.  Just because I need to make sure I got it all done..or if there is more shopping to do etc. (in case I forget someone or something etc.)  The first thing Cory said was when I bought it all downstairs "open?"..(nnnnooooooo!)  I said to him, "not yet, have to wait until Christmas Day".   I asked him to help me to put them under the tree.  He did but kept asking "open?" over and over. I had to held him back.   I kept saying "not today" "wait until Christmas"..tried to explain in different ways.  Bought out the calendar and show to him...I realized it's time to introduce him the calendar so he can see the dates, days and counting, concepts for today, tomorrow, yesterday etc.  It's not too early to show him..he may not get it right away but the light bulb will go off eventually in his head once he make the connection.  This is something I will start in the New Year, so we will start talking about going to school.  (yay, he is going full time..they evaluted him and said that he is language and age appropriated ready.")  So it will be pretty busy year, I predict. With second CI, going to school full time and getting right on with his learning.    He is starting to tell me how he feels these days.."I'm happy today"..or "I'm mad "..I always tell him how I feel so he understands the concept of feelings.   It's so important and it's not hard to do.  Just always say..I'm happy to see you ..or I'm happy to see you eating all your lunch"..or "I'm sad when you hit your sister" or "I'm going to lie down because Im tired"..if you make a habit of doing this..it become easier and in no time, your deaf child will learn these feelings as part of their life.  
Cory is telling me lately that "he is mad" at certain things, like its time for bath. "me, mad" and growled at us.  That we did, acknowledge this by saying "oh you don't want bath because you want to play more? you can play in bath with your toys, still playing".  Then he would say "happy bath"..LOL.   But it's more "mad" labelling than anything else.  So naturally, I would try to change it by saying "oh you're feeling grumpy" and then I would add "if you're feeling grumpy, then you should go to your room until you feel better".  HE GET THAT and would quickly say "no..I'm happy".    I guess time to add more depth feelings like curious, grumpy (instead of "mad"..) really it more specific. 
Lately, he has been giving us the "hand"..which drives my husband and my daughter crazy! It doesn't bother me too much..(it's kinda of funny..I just had to hold back my "laugh"). I have no idea where he got that from.  Its like "talk to the hand" gesture..I know its rude, not respectful.   Sean is really trying to get him not to do that.  We all talked about that, I even tried to see if we do that too. But none of does that.  But.........we do tell him "wait" saying and gesture with one little finger and tried to finish with what we are doing then follow up with him.  It was more of  don't interrupt us while we are talking. etc.   Could that be something he doing too? but its just the way he does it..oy!!!!!!!  it s NOT nice.  I can't imagine a 2 yrs old do that!!! You just have to be there to see it.  So when we tell him, "DON'T.." the minute he does the hand gesture  then he does the GLARE look right at us.    OY!   I told Sean ..if he does that rude things..then we all should not respond to that.  But wait , he will get a "melt down" if we ignore him.    Oh ya..that other thing he is doing. He is starting to become more strongwill with not listening or wanting to do stuff on his own agenda.  If we ask him to do something, he ignored us.  He tried to change the subject or do something else.   Its so cute to see that but this is a behavior, we can't ignore it.   and what's worse or funny?  We would say "ok, fine" and walk away.  He would SCREAM and cry.  It's "you miss the train" slogan...he really hates that.  So either way, it goes..it's unpleasant.   He is forgetting his manners lately, he forgets to say please, or thank you.     I think it's Christmas countdown..ugh!  Im tempt to tell him that Santa isn't coming this year!  ha ha..
Anyway, this is our "terrible 2" phase and it seems the wrong time of the year for that.  My older daughter will be out of school at the end of the week for holidays.   It should be fun..:)

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