Deaf kid vs Christmas concert? do they really work?

You and I both know that any young deaf kids and music concert doesn't go together!  I noticed that Cory is practicing..ah..(really?) singing the Christmas music at his preschool.  NOT really.  He was actually goofing off and yelling "non words" and so on.  No one is helping him or given him any guidelines..
That is sad. Really...what are they thinking??? I don't get it.  Why didn't they ask me about it?  Why didn't they ask about signing few words for that?   It makes me little mad in sense that they are not really thinking it through.  What about Cory?  mmmm?  I have to decide whether to let him participate or not.  Really..I'm leaning toward not.  its NOT worth it.  He is only 2 years old into "hearing" world, so would you do a music concert with bunch of 2 years old???  I didn't think so.  The expectations is too high for him right now.    I did thought of asking them for some songs that Cory and I can practice together but we don't know the "tune" so how do we practice without others? 
One thing, though, I am not letting him do this so he wouldnt be able to do this.  It's bit embarrassing, I am not sure if he would feel ashamed or feel bad about it.   Again, this is from my own personal experiences, I did some music concerts with my hearing friends at elementary school.  I tell you, I HATE it and it was awful for me.  It took a lot of strong wills not to burst in tears during the concert.  I know that eventually, Cory will be able to singing in those such things but not right now.
Rather than give it up.  I will ask the teacher for song sheets and try to go through with it by using signing supports and key words.  Cory still can practice with his friends but ultimately, he will decide whether he want to join the concert. I will let him decide that.

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